GRAYLL is a simple App with a start & stop system which contains algorithms that are able to conceive exponential profits in any market trend; up, down and sideways. Users don’t need to have investment or trading experience to forecast trends, conduct fundamental or technical analysis, an automated AI driven profit notification system alerts users when to consider closing algorithmic positions.

The App is driven by AI, Machine Learning and Distributed Ledger Technology, which support our solutions for a multitude of trading & investment problems. We use Distributed Ledger Technology which enables new concepts of digital financial systems. Artificial Intelligence helps us to automate processing of large data sets and improve decision making as well as the services we offer to users. GRAYLL is available to anyone, there is a $10 minimum algorithmic position requirement.

GRAYLL services are primarily aimed at retail investors that have little time for FX trading or crypto speculation and investing in the stock market or may have almost no experience doing so in the first place. Retail investors require the services and information usually only available to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals.

Initially users will be able to register for the receipt of free utility tokens that are used within the system. The users will be able to transfer GRAYLL utility tokens from the wallet in your App to one or more of the 4 algorithms, it will be simple, all the users will need to do is enter the $ amount they want to transfer to one of the algorithms each time, similar to any banking App.

The correct amount of GRAYLL utility tokens according to the live exchange rate is transferred to the algorithm you selected. There will be no limits with regards to how often or when users can transfer GRAYLL utility tokens to the algorithms, users will be able to open as many algorithmic positions as they like.

Users will be able to track the performance of each algorithmic position that they have opened. The algorithms Balthazar, Kaspar and Melkior, also called the 3xMagi, have important time related dependencies. This means that even though a 3xMagi position will first increase in price, it will eventually decrease after it has reached its peak. This helps us to manage demand.

To assist users in determining when its the best time to close 3xMagi positions and take the profits, the GRAYLL System will send users multiple notifications when a 3xMagi position is in its maximum performance range, but they will also receive notifications when it’s leaving its maximum performance range.

The 4 algorithms which cover a variety of investment horizons, are almost fully automated. The users only need to start & stop them. The aim is to provide users with simplicity, low skill requirements and low time commitments.

4 Algorithms | Arkady & 3xMagi

Arkady hedges against price inflation, as prices increase relative to income, and provides high yields compared to savings or retirement accounts. Arkady can be used to de-risk any investment portfolio including traditional holdings such as shares when markets are in declining trends.

3xMagi Algorithms

Balthazar is ideal for people seeking higher profits in a shorter period of time, it will send user notifications that it is reaching its maximum potential, within a range of 20–40 days. Balthazar will suit people that are more engaged and don’t mind checking their App regularly.

Kaspar is well suited for people seeking high profits in a short to “medium” term, it allows people a more flexible schedule to take action based on alerts they received. The notifications that it has reached its maximum performance range will be sent within a 45 to 75 day time-frame.

Melkior is ideal for people seeking double digit profits over a “longer” period of time, it will send notifications that it is reaching its maximum potential, within a range of 70–100 days. Melkior is attractive for people that are less engaged and would prefer to check their App sporadically.



A simple App for Freedom, Prosperity & Wealth Inception

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