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“Our vision is to offer an App which enables people to create freedom, prosperity & wealth without trading time for income.”

Take a moment to picture a mental snapshot of the things in life that mean the most to you. Perhaps your vision includes your family — the well-being of your children — or perhaps it’s a life of travel, culture, or time spent well with friends. Pretty much all of us share the dream of a life with greater financial freedom, but when it comes to making investments that will help us underpin our goals, it can easily feel as if there is a wide world of opportunity spinning just out of our reach.

On the one hand, the world we live in today — in particular since the financial crisis of 2008 — feels far more hostile for those of us wanting to create some stability for our future; while on the other hand, it’s hard to miss the buzz on our radar around relatively new terms like blockchain, distributed ledger technology, crypto-currencies and tokenized assets, that suggest thrilling potential but are hard to get to grips with.

The Evolution Of Investments

For those of us who are curious, these new horizons are certainly intriguing, but also framed by intimidatingly complex concepts, and an entirely new lexicon to discover. For the uninducted, it has appeared as a playground for the particularly technically minded or those with enough wealth to be able to get involved. For every-day people who have colourful and busy lives, but who don’t have time to morph themselves into experts or have limited funds to play with, getting a foot in the door has felt like a long leap!

Thankfully, as this new era of digital investment finds firm footing on the global economic stage, the minds behind GRAYLL are working to make these technologies — and the investment potential they unlock — accessible to anyone. Through the creation of a groundbreaking and easy to use App that uses algorithms built upon technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they intend to invisibly steer us through complex investments, making financial returns on any amount effortless and fun for any individual to achieve.

The Challenges Of Getting Ahead

Sadly, we live in an era that has seen conventional savings and investments loose a lot of their lustre, and building firm foundations for retirement or children’s college funds can be a daunting prospect. Interest rates are so low that putting money aside for a rainy day will leave your precious savings stumbling behind inflation, and we live listening to a constant soundtrack of worry over our pension security and whether another financial crisis looms. As young professionals struggle to get onto the housing market, wondering where to direct their efforts to forge a future, a new chapter of potential is desperately needed to allow normal people the capacity to step up and get ahead.

Many of us find in the idea of investing in the stock market, or exploring FX trading enthralling, but understanding the ins and outs of trends, volatility, leverage, margin requirements, derivatives, and so on, requires the building of experience and takes time that many of us simply can’t spare. Making bad judgement calls or being impulsive can have disappointing results, and navigating the vast array of possible investment opportunities and brokerage firms requires substantial, if metaphorical, map-reading skills.

No Expertise Required

For the team that conceptualised GRAYLL, their vision was clear. They wanted to create an App that was as easy to use as Instagram, Gmail or Snapchat, that would allow users to experience financial freedom without sacrificing their time or developing complex understanding of the underlying systems that made their investments grow. In fact, thanks to the technologies they were working with, GRAYLL would hold the potential to be better than an expert: any human expert that is.

Grasping investment strategies means having a strong enough overview of the market to identify trends and assess likely outcomes. In the GRAYLL App, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning take the reigns in analysing huge data sets, before predicting and reacting to market shifts with high levels of accuracy. This, excitingly, means that the predictions and suggestions offered by the App are fully informed, and automated by algorithms to avoid mistakes due to human biases.

Allow Artificial Intelligence To Work For You

AI has become woven into our every day lives through social media, advertising and search platforms like Google. While AI is used to draw us to products and services all the time, tapping into the vast processing power that AI has to offer for our own financial benefit seems surely a positive step in the evolution of how new technologies impact our day to day experience.

Traditionally, managing and monitoring investments can be hugely stressful, and even the most experienced hedge fund managers can be prone to making emotional decisions that cost investors money. Using AI eliminates that element entirely, and means that all of the otherwise stress-inducing evaluating is done on your behalf.

A Wallet For Your Digital Assets

Investments in GRAYLL are made in GRX tokens, which act as digital assets. Once your tokens are in your App wallet, the only input GRAYLL requires of you as a user is to choose which of the four investment algorithms you want to engage, and decide when to start and stop them based on notifications that you receive through the App. You can choose to keep GRX tokens as an alternative means of holding your assets, continue to engage GRAYLL’s algorithms, or exchange them back into currency.

As the first App of it’s kind, GRAYLL marks a significant intersection between the worlds of distributed ledger technology and digital investment, and the lives we live every day, both virtually and out in the real world. Ultimately, the spark behind GRAYLL is that one world can facilitate the other, and that GRAYLL will allow you to enjoy the bounty of digital investments while building a future that embodies your vision of prosperity. A captivating concept, I think you’ll agree.


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